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LEX485 – Propane Built-in – LEX Series Grill BILEX485PSS

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Discover the beauty and simplicity of Napoleon® Innovation – the ideal complement to your patio environment.

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Napoleon quality and performance go into each grill head. The Napoleon BILEX485-2 Built-in Gas Grill Head comes with the highest standard components, featuring our heavy duty stainless steel cooking system, ergonomic control knobs, LIFT EASE™ Roll Top lid, and rear rotisserie burner for restaurant style results. Disclaimer: The island and built-in components shown do not come with the BILEX485-2. The image is an interpretation of how it might look. Built In Propane gas hook up: Do not use a hose to connect to the unit. It must be connected with rigid pipe, copper tube or an approved flexible metal connector which complies with Z21.4 / CSA 6.10. Do not place Propane cylinder tank directly under grill head or near the appliance.